Blissful Self Care for Busy Women

Boost your energy, end pain, and increase your self confidence. 

End body loathing and enjoy body loving !

Experience the superpowers of your female body with Shivani O'Brien's unique approach to self-care, yoga, meditation, and detox massage.

End Discomfort

Say goodbye to bloating, puffiness, cellulite, swelling, and sinus congestion.

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Breast Health

Learn how to love your breasts for more self confidence, energy, and better health.

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Core strength

Stop leaking, end menstrual pain, ease menopause symptoms, increase pleasure.

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Self care should not be 'optional' or last on your “to do list” .

Most women struggle with daily self care because they are "too busy". Most women are also dissatisfied with their bodies, disliking the way the look and feel. So I've created short video rituals and sexy products, that target issues from belly bloating, to breast soreness, to a weak cores and pelvic floor. I’ll show you how to take the push and pull out of “discipline”, the negativity out of self talk, and bring bliss to self care.

Self care is easy when you're "blissiplined"

Bliss + Discipline = Blissiplined and this is the habit of putting your health and pleasure first, knowing that this has a positive ripple effect on your family and work success.

Being Blissiplined is having the clarity and confidence to know your self worth, to know how to care for your female body, and assert your feminine power. 

When self care becomes the first thing you do each morning, everything changes: your energy levels, your mood, your productivity, and your interactions with others.



Why being "Blissiplined" is important

Usually it's not until a scary health diagnosis, that we women realize the importance of our female hormones, reproductive system, and breasts, to our overall health and productivity. 

Now, the causes of many diseases, including breast cancer and ovarian cancer are not fully understood, but what we do know is that when it comes to the human body "use it or lose it" is true. If we don't tend to our gardens, the flowers wither. In the same way, if we ignore the muscles (hello pelvic floor), organs (hello breasts and ovaries) and systems (hello lymphatic system)  in our bodies, they atrophy, and don't function effectively.

So let's banish shame and taboo and instead harness and integrate the often unknown or misunderstood gifts of our female bodies.

I'll show you how quick, easy, and feel good, bliss + discipline can be.

Let's get "Blissiplined". 


Events + 1:1 sessions

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Remedial & Relaxing

Choose from lymph detox massage, remedial massage , Mizan Therapy for reproductive and abdominal health.

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Weekly Schedule

Meditation & Mindfulness Masterclasses. Yoga classes, and workshops around the Sutherland Shire and Sydney. 

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Shivani is Co-Founder of The Sunrise Yoga & Meditation Academy (SYAMA) and holds regular retreats and annual Teacher Trainings 

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Belly & Womb Care

I talk with Mizan Therapy Founder and one of my massage therapy teachers, Bushra Finch.


Hi, I'm Shivani

In today's busy and complex world, I'm here to share a message of slowing down and tuning in through simple yet potent self care rituals that specifically nourish the female body and our deepest longings of connection, pleasure and joy as women.

We need more than just the common yoga poses like 'downward dog' and 'tree pose'. We need practices that nourish our inner most being - the organs that sustain our life.

With over 20 years’ experience as a meditation and yoga teacher, massage therapist and health consultant, I’ve helped thousands of women, just like you, who are yearning for more self connection, pleasure, fulfillment and bliss.

I've personally overcome a variety of health problems (severe menstrual pain, back pain, asthma, allergies, negative body image) and gone through two divorces to get to my current rewarding and passion filled life as a woman, mother and lover.

I'm here to show you how to create daily bliss in your life too.

xox Shivani

The Inside Story

I have an unwavering calling to educate women on how to nourish their female body so they can truly feel self love and life fulfillment. So, I bare all in this Ritual collection - I'll show you the exact process I've used over the last decade to end negative body image, heal menstrual pain, end chronic fatigue, get rid of cellulite, strengthen her pelvic floor after child birth, increase libido, and make sex more pleasurable.    


From "loathing to loving her body".

Jenni shares how the The Rituals have positively transformed her body, her life, and even her marriage.


"Shivani, with her love, care, sharp intuition and clever guidance, pulls women out of chaos and helps put them back in control and alignment with their energy, femininity and life. The abundance of Shivani’s support and zealous passion in helping to create fulfilled, balanced and happier lives for the women in her tribe is second to none. If you are unhappy with the way you look, if you feel down and lifeless, if you know there is more to life than feeling tired and trapped in a busy schedule, get “Awaken Your Female Essence” . Give yourself a chance to discover the true beauty and brilliance of your female body and feminine heart. "

Ofra Ronen
CEO of Di Bartoli Coffee and mother

"I've been able to reclaim my confience, energy and mojo thanks to the Rituals Shivani teaches us. - Teacher and grandmother"

Teacher and Grandmother

Women from all over the world

Women from Australia, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, and the U.S.A are in Shivani's online community. From 20 years to 68 years - single women, married women, mothers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, singers, writers and more. It's a beautiful and diverse gathering, and as you'll soon discover, no matter the country, culture, status, situation etc, when women gather we connect through our life phases, desires, emotions, longings, dreams and life lessons. Women heal and grow much more powerfully in supportive sisterhood. We would love to welcome you to ours.

Detox Massage Oil

Get CARESS - Lymph Detox Massage Oil. Learn how to ease belly bloating, digestive discomfort, body swelling, and sinus congestion with Shivani's signature aromatherapy massage oil and free video series teaching you how to do Lymph Detox Drainage.

NOURISH: The Breast Health Rituals

Learn how to love your breasts and body for more self confidence, energy, and better health. Join alone or rock it (for a discount) with your best friend !


Stop Leaking, Tone Thy Pelvic Floor, Strengthen Your Core, and be Blissfully Orgasmic. Join the Pelvic Power Challenge to tone 'down there', AND strengthen your orgasams in the process. This challenge is done with the use of a JADE EGG gemstone.


READY TO DIVE DEEP with Shivani's in depth online course and weekly coaching. Read more and watch the videos below.


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