Have the body, the relationship, and the life you completely adore without feeling ashamed of your blissful aliveness.

Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training & Continuing Education (CE) courses


Online, in studio, and on retreat!  Immerse yourself in the tantra yoga lifestyle and gain international certification to teach. 

Gail Pisani and I run 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings and short Continuing Education (CE) trainings {Yoga Alliance registration) for yoga and meditation teachers and women who seek to dive deeper into personal and spiritual growth. 

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short online courses for more confidence and pleasure

I keep you accountable and guide you step by step via short video transmissions. You can also join my private women's group on Facebook for daily prompts and sisterhood support.

Tantra Meditation and Massage Rituals 

Heal emotional wounds and learn the best techniques for relaxation and feeling confident to love again. NOURISH is my most popular course.


Pelvic Floor Toning, Orgasms and Libido. JADE EGG Rituals

Ease menstrual pain, ease menopause symptoms, strengthen your core, increase sexual confidence and pleasure. 


Mindfulness + Meditation

Reduce stress, self-judgment, physical pain, and anxiety. Understand how to harness the power of your mind to enhance relationships, sleep, and dailylife.

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Weekly Classes - live online via ZOOM or at a studio in Sydney Australia.

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Pleasure, libido, and emotional release.



Based on the feminine roots of yoga, Venus Yoga is based in tantra and combines self massage, taoist and kundalini shakti techniques. It's a practice of learning how to love your female body, understand the female brain, and remember the power of sisterhood.

LIVE 7am Saturdays via ZOOM or join video replays.


Energy, focus, and spiritual connection.  



Spiritually based yoga practice with less focus on physical postures, and more focus on the inner flow of your creative life force energy through your energy vortexes (chakras). I guide you through simple movements that utilize more advanced yoga techniques including Mantra, Mudra, and Kriyas.


Self growth, forgiveness, and better relationships.


Reduce stress, self-judgment, physical pain, and anxiety.
Overcome common mental obstacles like excessive worrying, constant mind chatter, unhealthy cravings, repressed anger, procrastination, attachment to the past, doubts about your future. Investigate the nature of your mind,breath-work, and body sensation.  Learn practical ways of improving your well-being, relationships, productivity, and sleep while cultivating compassion and contentment.

Live 8pm Mondays via ZOOM or join video replays.



Flexibility, stillness, and inner peace.

Explore YIN YOGA

A practice of slowing down, being still, and becoming aware of your sensations, thoughts, and emotions. Learn how to completely relax your muscles, stimulate your yin tissues (joints, ligaments, and fascia), and feel the presence of energy (chi) flow through your body. Once the body's chi is harmonized, it is easier to enter the state of meditation.

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I teach blissful self care to busy women seeking deep connection to their inner bliss and more intimacy in relationship.


I'm Shivani - a mother, Tantric Facilitator, Massage Therapist, and Yoga Teacher Trainer. For the last 20 years I've specialised in helping women embody bliss - through yogic practices of awareness, movement, and meditation.

If you are new to my approach, join my free Yoga course that will give you a better sense of who I am and the "mainstream" Yoga styles I teach.

If you are ready to dive deep into sacred sexuality, self-healing, and intimacy join one of my short online courses. Joining gives you access to my membership community, and there, with hundreds of women from around the world,  I will support you to live a life with less stress and more bliss. 

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Online and in person - I create a safe and inspiring place for you to explore your sacred sexuality as a women.

Experience an incredible amount of energy flowing through you - energy that is orgasmic (yet not sexual), energy that is uplifting (yet very relaxing), energy that will inspire you to be more true to yourself and create a life you love.

What women say


Shivani, with her love, care, sharp intuition and clever guidance, pulls women out of chaos and helps put them back in control and alignment with their energy, femininity and life. The abundance of Shivani’s support and zealous passion in helping to create fulfilled, balanced and happier lives for the women in her tribe is second to none.  If you are unhappy with the way you look, if you feel down and lifeless, if you know there is more to life than feeling tired and trapped in a busy schedule, join one or all of Shivani's online courses. Give yourself a chance to discover the true beauty and brilliance of your female body and feminine heart.

Ofra Ronen - CEO of Di Bartoli Coffee and mother

I've been able to reclaim my confience, energy and mojo thanks to the Rituals Shivani teaches us.

Margaret Bradley - Teacher and grandmother. 

Outdoor Yoga and Meditation Walking. Join us during the Spring and Summer months in Cronulla, Sydney.

MEDITATION WALKING is a combination of a few different practices I've been doing over the years to keep me sane, strong, fit, free from injury, and inspired about the day ahead. I draw from the physiology and philosophy of yoga, meditation, and breath practices. After a warm up for our joints and muscles, we start walking barefoot, on the sand- in silence. When sand is our surface, it's a natural cushion for our joints, and makes our feet and leg muscles work harder, not to mention we naturally engage our core to compensate for the uneven surface.

After a few minutes, I give you specific cues (mind tools and movements) to increase your body-mind awareness and sense of self connection. Fairly quickly most participants report feelings of alertness, active calmness and aliveness.

There's also a chance to do some fun group games (the silence quickly turns to laughter), 'massage trains', or if you prefer you can continue to walk in solitude and regroup for one of our final practices - like the "Loop Breath", or the "Spirit Sprint".



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Try excerpts from my online courses for free. 

Let go of physical and mental tension. Let go of emotions like guilt, shame, and fear. Experience how easy it is to tap into inner peace and bliss.

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